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Compelling O3Spaces Composer features

Work smarter, save time.



Error free quotations

Need to create an error free quote fast?
O3Spaces Composer lets you re-use document building blocks without the risk of awkward copy-paste errors. You’ll compose rich quotations in a few easy steps with maximum efficiency.

Re-use contents

Want to re-use standard texts and building blocks?
With O3Spaces Composer you’ll quickly build a central library containing all document building blocks, texts, connectors, and formats. You can rest assured that every document created uses the latest version of your conditions, descriptions and corporate identity.

Peer Review

Do you want to have a colleague review your draft document before it’s sent out?
Composer offers integrated functionality to have a colleague review your draft document before it is sent out. Both informal and formal review processes can be easily configured. Any comments or alterations will be recorded as part of the document composition compliance record.


Do you need easy approve/reject control over outgoing correspondence?
With O3Spaces Composer you get greater control over routine document creation, eliminate redundant tasks, automate approvals, and experience widespread adherence to your business processes. Suddenly, nothing impedes the momentum of your sales efforts.


Need to extend your existing business applications with powerful correspondence management?
O3Spaces Composer will help you leverage your existing business applications. You’ll be able access the valuable information stored in your legacy systems and add state-of-the art webbased document composition, versioning and workflow to them.


Want to have mobile access to document concepts, and correspondence related tasks?
O3spaces Composer is available from your mobile device (iPad) to let you work, comment and approve your documents and drafts, anytime anywhere.

Corporate identity

Want to make sure every document that leaves your organization looks & feels like you intended?
O3Spaces Composer makes sure that all documents adhere to the appropriate styles and formatting. You can manage the look and feel of all your document types from a single central location.