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O3Spaces Workplace in short

  • Access documents anywhere in the Cloud.
  • Let documents be reviewed or approved.
  • Edit documents (from the Cloud) directly in Office.
  • Share documents with collegues or external parties.


Document Collaboration

End user friendly Document Management & Document Collaboration.

The O3Spaces Composer repository provides easy to use functionality to bring document management and document collaboration to your organization. Whether you prefer browser based access, direct office suite integration or no hassle desktop connectivity, the repository provides multiple access points to ensure you can have all the benefits from a document management system without the pains.

Search & Find

Rich full-text search features.

O3Spaces Composer repository offers rich full text search features and
(auto-)labeling functions that ensure that finding that particular document becomes a breeze. Information in the 'repository' can be organized and found in a different way if labels are used.

Labels makes it possible to create cross-views of documents with the same kind of information. For example list all documents related to a specific project or customer.

BPM & Workflow

An integrated Workflow Engine.

The O3Spaces Composer repository offers an integrated BPM engine with which complex workflows and processes can be automated.

The repository BPM supports the BPMN 2.0 specification for process modeling and offers graphical modeling tools. Tasking, e-mail and form based process interaction enable operators to partake in process execution, whereas rule based process logic can facilitate diverse automated processing steps.

More features

An overview of other O3Spaces repository functionality.

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