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O3Spaces OEM/ISVs Features

O3Spaces Workplace repository key features - an overview


Search & Find

O3Spaces offers rich full text search features and (auto-)labeling functions that ensure that finding that particular document becomes a breeze. Information in the 'repository' can be organized and found in a different way if labels are used. Labels makes it possible to create cross-views of documents with the same kind of information. For example list all documents related to a specific project or customer.

BPM & Workflow

O3Spaces Workflow offers an integrated BPM engine with which complex workflows and processes can be automated. The repository BPM supports the BPMN 2.0 specification for process modeling and offers graphical modeling tools.Tasking, email and form based process interaction enable operators to partake in process execution, whereas rule based process logic can facilitate diverse automated processing steps.

Version management & Automated check-in/check-out

All documents in the O3Spaces repository reside under version management. Through version management you always have insight in the version history of your documents. The unique functionality for automated check-in/check-out of documents guarantees you, while working on a document, that none of your colleagues is inadvertently editing the document.

Document Preview

The document preview functionality enables browsing through documents directly in the repository environment. Preview is available from the files tab by clicking on the document preview icon. This functionality lets users review the content of a document without the need to download and store the document locally.

Document security - Access control

Document security is of paramount importance for any organization. The repository allows you to control access to information through the integrated roles and rights management system. From Workspace-level access control to setting the permissions on a folder, you can enforce to what extent your documents can be accessed.

E-mail archiving

Store e-mails in the same workspace as related documents. Preview e-mails in the browser environment of the O3Spaces repository, or publish them to the repository directly from Microsoft Outlook, Zimbra, Zarafa or Mozilla Thunderbird. Send repository documents directly from you Outlook client, Thunderbird client, or Zarafa or Zimbra web-client. Published e-mails (and attachments) are easily retrievable through full text search.

Labeling (tagging)

Documents managed in the O3Spaces repository can easily be categorized by applying labels. Information in the 'repository' can be organized and found in a different way if labels are used. Labels makes it possible to create cross-views of documents with the same kind of information. For example list all documents related to a specific project or customer.

Attributes & Meta data

The attributes of repository objects such as users, workspaces, files etc. can be extended with custom defined attributes like (for example) a unique id, type or status indicator. This makes it possible to synchronize users, maintain organization specific data or to store documents with process related meta data.

CMIS interoperability

The repository supports the CMIS specification for interoperability. Based on this webservice specification it is very easy to connect or embed the repository with 3rd party content apps such as CRM systems or intranet portals. CMIS can also serve as a uniform interface for custom plug-in or exstension development for any in house tooling such as e.g. CAD-applications.

Rules & Triggers

Document processes can be automated by defining repository rules. At regular intervals or upon a specific event (for example a user changing the status of a document) files can be moved, converted to another format, copied or a notification can be sent. Alternatively file properties can be changes, such as for example changing status identifier or applying new labels.

WebDAV & OpenSearch

The document repository is accessible and searchable from external (web)systems and portals through communication based on WebDAV protocols and OpenSearch specifications. This means that your documents and therefore your current information is easy to find while remaining securely stored in the repository.

Cross platform

O3Spaces provides you the freedom of choice, whether you use a Linux, Solaris, Windows or a Mac OS desktop, O3Spaces will provide its full range of functionality, web-client, desktop integration and Office integration.

Mission critical information

The repository can be configured at different levels regarding High Availability (HA) and failover. Depending on the Server OS you're running O3Spaces and its Partners can ensure that your mission critical information is available and safeguarded against, hardware failures and eventualities

Server Migration & Redeployment

The repository strives to be scalable and flexible in all its facets. As an example, the repository sports administrative tools that enable you to easily move an entire repository and all its Units, Workspaces and documents to a new server.Also it allows you to easily scale up and distribute you deployments as needed.

Secure Connections

When your mobile workforce accesses documents on the road or from your client's premises, you want to be ensured no information gets lost, or otherwise exposed or accessed along the way.The repository can operate on encrypted (https) connections or if so desired in a vpn scheme, thus ensuring that your information is safe on its journey along the digital highway.