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Document management & Collaboration

Document management and effective collaboration within teams or projects.


Document management & Collaboration with O3Spaces Workplace

O3Spaces Workplace is an optional, but fully integrated solution for document management and collaboration. Employees can easily participate in multiple projects or dossiers at the same time, while all information is safely managed within its own secured workspace. Project participants from inside and outside the company can comfortably be invited to be part of a project. Since people can react and discuss on document level, effective collaboration is assured.

Advantages of Document management & Collaboration with O3Spaces Workplace

• the Workplace module can be added quickly to Composer
• possibility to standardize Document management & Collaboration;
• one central place where all projects/dossiers can be functionally and technically administered;
• unambiguous automated versioning for all documents;
• comment, react and discuss on documents, projects and designs;
• possibility to configure workflows on project and document level;
• simply scan and archive incoming mail