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Document Management

Centralized storage, access, retention and versioning of your documents.



Document Solution: Document ManagementO3Spaces Document management lets you capture, govern and retain your documents. O3Spaces Workplace offers a rich set of features geared towards unlocking the value within your documents.

Key Benefits:

  • documents are easily retrievable
  • document access is governed and monitored
  • document versioning is automated
  • documents are enriched with meta-data
  • documents can be interrelated



Specific examples

Personnel files

Digital (personnel, students, customer) files offer clear advantages, now and in the future. With digital files you ensure that you have a secure, centralized, transparent repository available at all times, configured the way your organization demands.

You decide which documents are added and to what extend the related processes should be automated. Access to personnel files can be controlled in great detail. You can decide if employees should be able to have (partial) access to their own file, or if only selected hrm-personnel should have access.

Every document within a dossier/file can have unique retention period assigned. This gives you a useful tool in order to comply with retention and privacy legislation. Documents that can be, or have to be, discarded will be deleted, whereas other documents will be securely archived even after an employee has left the organization.

Advantages of digital personnel files

  • Consistent and comprehensive document documentation;
  • Securely accessible from your desk;
  • Full content searchable;
  • Saves time, money and space;
  • Safe and simple.


Student files

Education institutes operate in a dynamic environment, with many mutations, registrations and graduations. Each individual partaking in the education processes is accompanied by a large volume of documents and forms. Typically a student file still is constituted by a collection of paper documents.

O3Spaces Workplace offers an ideal environment for managing your student files. Paper forms and documents can be easily scanned and added to the correct file. This will enable you to swiftly digitize your current archives and start working with a centralized, secure and accessible information repository.
Your files will be full text searchable, and the file contents can be seamlessly integrated in your exiting IT systems, such as a portal. Anyone with the right credentials can access the files from any web browser.

Advantages of digital student files

  • Student files are available anytime and anywhere electronically;
  • Fast and consistent processing of incoming paper documents;
  • Saves time, money and space;
  • Student- and curriculum data is full content searchable.