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Manual Management

Unlocking knowledge in a simple and effective way.



A firm grip on the knowledge within your organization is essential. Knowledge which is usually captured in process descriptions, manuals, protocols and forms. Unlocking this knowledge in a simple and effective way increases the productivity of your employees significantly. In this context it is essential that the knowledge in your organization is properly managed and maintained with the aid of a.o. document versioning and improvement processes.

With the O3Spaces solution for manual management you’ll reach both goals. The state-of-the-art search capabilities ensures your employees find information faster, based on content or categorization. To prevent employees wasting time on opening documents, all information can be presented in both paper and HTML format. After reading the requested information, staff can indicate whether the information was accurate and helpful. These reactions are directly linked to an improvement process so that administrators can respond quickly if your manual’s specific information appears to be obsolete. This keeps the knowledge in your organization up-to-date and of high quality.

Key advantages with O3Spaces Manual Management

  • Simple and powerful search tools, that are easily integrated in your existing IT-infrastructure (e.g. intranet).
  • Content administrators can work directly from their familiar tools, such as MS Office.
  • Advanced automated document conversion (e.g. to html, flash, etc.) enables highly effective content presentation. (task-relevant, no need to download and open documents).
  • Associated improvement processes ensure that your manuals and protocols stay up-to-date and of consistently high quality.