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Why O3Spaces Workplace?

Work smarter with documents in the O3Spaces Cloud or from your own servers.



File sharing

Ever have trouble finding files or sharing documents with colleagues?
Not anymore. With O3Spaces Workplace all the documents you need to work on with your colleagues and teams are available instantly and securely right from your browser. You can preview and search through them before downloading. Say good-bye to frustrating searches through email archives and folders.

Real-time collaboration

Need to know instantaneously when your peers have made changes to a shared document?
Collaborate on files in real time, get instant notifications on relevant changes. Comment and label documents to detail their context and increase their relevance. Follow files to get automatic updates when new versions are uploaded, so your most important documents, presentations, and media files are always up to date.


Do you struggle to get an overview on the latest activities, changed documents, comments or discussions?
O3Spaces Workplace presents you with a clear dashboard of all relevant activities and changes. You can effectively track progress and keep an eye on your projects.

Discover & Find

Finding I hard to retrieve that presentation you gave last year, or that letter you sent before?
Finally, you can find that presentation, the latest price list, and your most recent product literature all in one place. It's easy to get what you need fast, with filters by group, library, recent changes, and author. Don't want to search for something more than once? No problem—with one click you can follow a file and be notified of updates so you always have the latest version.


Ever have a big presentation or customer quote get stuck in your outbox? Do you struggle with version control while collaborating with colleagues?
With O3Spaces Workplace, you can easily send content to co-workers, partners, or customers, while maintaining complete control over access and permissions—including who can share, what can be shared (a PDF? a Word doc?), and for how long.

Approval & review workflow

Want to automate approval & review processes and enforce read receipts without having your business dissected by a horde of analysts?
With O3Spaces Workplace, your organization's efficiency and consistency both get a big boost. Now you can get greater control over routine activities, eliminate redundant tasks, automate approvals, and enforce organization wide adherence to your business processes. Suddenly, nothing impedes the momentum of your sales efforts.

Read receipts

Want to make sure that your content has been read by all the stakeholders?
With the built in read receipts in O3Spaces Workplace you can make sure that everyone takes their responsibility.


Need to trigger your staff when specific conditions occur?
You can set up O3Spaces Workplace to automatically create and assign tasks when particular rules are triggered. The result: the right person on your team can respond more timely and efficiently.

Private files

Are you fed up with endless back-and-forth emails and attachments?
O3Spaces Workplace lets you share files privately and securely with other users so you can forget about back-and-forth emails and large attachments. Share a file with specific users so only they see the file and comments around it.

Preview files

Need to give secure online read access to documents?
Preview files directly within feeds, so you don't have to download a file until you're sure it's what you need.


Are there add-ons available?

  • Scan Route Store
  • Documentation Browser
  • Web scan
  • Workflow
  • Rules